North America

16th Mar. 2008

North AmericaThere is a new map for you to blog with! North America, which displays the United States of America as well as Canada. We are looking forward to some nices travel reports from there!

[feature] turn pictures

8th Dec. 2007

turn picturesIt’s a well known problem, you take a beautiful picture in portrait format, look at on your computer screen and need to perform a headstand to see the picture…
No we implented an easy solution for it and with only one click you can turn your picture in any direction.

[feature] Feed RSS

30th Nov. 2007

not available in EnglishFinally they are here, the RSS-Feeds for every user! Typing you will find all the entries made by this user as a RSS 2.0 Feed. So you do not have to visit a blog three times a day to be up to date, but your own feed aggregator will do so for you and inform you about any changes.
For example in Firefox you are able to display your RSS-Feed as a dynamic bookmark and all WordPress Users can add their Feed with three clicks as a sidebar-widget.

This are just two examples, the use of Feeds is endless, so give it a chance.

[bugfix] delete pictures

28th Nov. 2007

Thanks to a mail from Ria with detailed descriptions, deleting pictures does not cause problems anymore. I managed to fix the bug this morning. So far it was possible that wrong comments sometimes appeared under wrong pictures after others where deleted.

[feature] next/previous story

22nd Nov. 2007

next or previous storyWe just added two new buttons at the bottom of every story, so you can read easier through all the stories of a user. With this update we also went a step closer to user-rss-feeds which will leave testing-period soon. To get proper rss-feeds you have to give your stories at least a short title from now on.