Bad things happen for a GOOD reason...

08.November 2009 - Berlin

man, its been a while since i last wrote something here... i thought it would be just something for my travels, but i love to share my thoughts and funny things that happen to me.
today i wanna write about ... destiny? i dont know if i can call it like that, but its the best word i know for it.
i LOVE to go to red carpets and see celebrities and all that stuff, so berlin has been pretty busy the last couple of days... yesterday we spend all night at a bar (not drinkin alcohol btw) well, not exactly, but kinda together with rod, one of my favourite artists! :D i had so much fun and just looooved it.
today was the premiere of the movie 2012 with john cusack. i came a bit to late, i had the wrong lenses on my camera, i thought it could get worse, when that guy came, and gave away free tickets to enter to see the movie. i looked at him and said "please!" he just looked at me and gave the tickets to other people and even though he had some left, he didnt give one to me. i was soooo angry! it felt so unfair... but i am so glad, that i didnt get a ticket. thats why BAD things happen for a GOOD reason! I SWEAR!
so, i didnt get to enter the cinema, but it was very close to the brandenburg gate and tomorrow will be the anniversary of the break of the wall and they have a lot of things goin on. so i took my camera and went to take some pictures of the illuminated gate.
when i arrive there, they were rehearsing for a tv show they r goin to do tomorrow. and the real JON BON JOVI was standing there rehearsing and laughing... it was AWESOME! after that, thomas gottschalk came to rehearse as well and i just loved standiing there and watch them do their jobs... so i was really pissed about the cinema, but i got so much better! :D dont let bad things take your positivity!!! everything happens for a reasoN! :D


have a good night.