Shanghai Stoffmarket

25.November 2011 - Shanghai

Finally I was able to get to the market where they make you a suit for a very good price..

Same story as on the need to bargain and everybody wants to sell you something..

I spent another two hours in bargaining and finding the right suit maker..

After that I wanted to climb up the bridge from shanghai. Finally when I got there the weather wasn't that good and not worth to spend 80 Yuan..

Next point on my list was the statium:

This was something totally different then expected...

.. I couldn't get inside... and all arround it were bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

I walked arround it and could find a hotel. I went in and asked one of the concierges how to get in. He couldn't understand me and showed me the elevator :)

I went totally up and got into the first class club with an view over the stadium.. Unfortunately it was empty and nothing special was going on. Later I learned that the stadium is not used that often anymore.

And now let's see what the night brings :)