First Impressions of Shanghai

13.November 2011 - Shanghai

The first impressions were: HUGE..

I thought Peking is big, but Shanghai is even bigger. In this city life officially 23 Milion people, but they think that they have around 30 Million.

And these people produce a lot of smog... as we arrived you could see maybe 300 meter and the sun was barely to see.. That was a point when I was thinking about the disadvantages of living in Shanghai/china

And then we got the opportunity to use the fastest elevator in the world to see Shanghai form above.(Jin Mao Tower) It wasn't too impressive as the fog/smog didn't let us see that far..

A funny story about the building next to the tower:
The japanese build a tower higher than the biggest chinese and wanted to use a circle instead of a rectangle in the top floor. But that was not allowed as the circle represents Japan. In 2015 the chinese want to finish a building even higher that the one from Japan.. We'll see what the answer from Japan will be :)