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30.April 2012 - Tallahassee

Hi everybody,

I am gonna write this blog in english, so Macie can read it too :-)

I flew to Tallahassee approx. 2 weeks ago and got introduced to all of Matt's family, including his very nice daughter Macie!

After spending 2 days with his mom we drove with his beloved Mini Cooper to Mayo where he grew up. That's where his dad is living. We bought a Camper and drove up to the Santa Fe river in Northern Florida where his dad has got property.
So we swim, get sunburned, snorkel, fish, have bonfires and grill a lot!!!
And since yesterday we are ONLINE basically everywhere and anytime!!
I love it!!

In around 2 weeks Matt's entire stuff ( which is apparently huge ) is coming from Japan and we are off to Seaworld and Miami. We gonna have a great Roadtrip to the Key West. I am looking forward to it!

After that we will travel the east coast back to Tallahassee and back to our Home.. the Camper :-)

I hope you are all doing well and enjoy the spring/summer in Germany!!
We have nearly 33 degrees everyday!

I say bye for now..

take care..