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11.January 2012 - krakow

If you are looking for an interesting travel destination in Europe for example some charming city with long time history, full of monumental antique architecture and unique charm, where you can spend unforgettable moments and see beautiful places, then you should truly consider to choose one of most popular Cities of Poland - The Krakow. Krakow is located in southern Poland with its history dates back to 10th century and all ancient buildings survived to present times. There is in its region many interesting and worth see places like Auschwitz-Birkenau museum and memorial of holocaust in Oswiecim Town and fascinating underground tourist route in Wieliczka Salt Mine.

In last few years Krakow become more popular travel destination not only for Polish people but generally for tourists from all over the World who travel here to discover and explore this wonderful Royal City. Due to more and more airlines operating to Krakow Balice airport every year it is also very easily accessible City with more than 60 destinations available to travel by air. As well as people from Europe travelling by car can conveniently get there thanks to great road connection (highway A4) with other main Cities in European countries.

For people travelling to Krakow and being first time visitors, this City can always surprise them serving lots of varied attractions from cultural events like music festivals and concerts to educational tours and sightseeing as well as opened numerous museums, galleries and exhibitions. Most recognized places in Krakow is The Old Town and former Jewish Quarter Kazimierz. The Krakow's Old Town is most charming district where you can admire the biggest square in Europe called The Main Square with its greatest buildings such Cloth Hall, Town Hall Tower and impressing St. Marys Basilica. In the southern part of Old Town there is located most characteristic attraction in Krakow, the Wawel Castle. It was seat of polish kings till 16th century nowadays there is huge museum possessing relicts of the past from different centuries.

Another worth see places in Krakow you can discover are in the Kazimierz district called also Jewish District. There is situated as much as 7 synagogues and similarly to the Old Town it has a big square called Wolnica Square where stand building of former Town Hall currently being seat of ethnographic museum also in the corner magnificent Corpus Christy Church. Summarizing if you want to spend nice and pleasant time during your holidays or city break also immerse yourself in history, culture and traditions, Krakow is absolutely one of the best propositions as travel destination, and can satisfy you at wide range means of entertainment.

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