03.August 2010 - Mackay

At the 3rd I left Mackay and flew to Melbourne where I stayed one night. My flight back home to Germany via Brisbane and Singapore was at the 4th. At the 5th I arrived in Germany.

I forgot my paper ticket in Mackay!!! I nearly didn't get home. But thanks to Brian we found a way to get my ticket to Quantas.

I tell you: STA-travel is CRAP!!
And I will never ever get a paper ticket again!

It was hard to leave and the first days back home has been very strange. But i'm home for 1 1/2months now, I started sth new and live in a new town so that's exciting :-) Bronwyn and Brian has visited me and my parents which was awesome!!!!! :-) And now I'm looking forward to catch up with Josh in December.

And yea, I'm coming back to Australia next year and visit you all!

I can't wait to see you again! I miss Australia heaps, the german weather is crap :-(

Mwah, Jude