spontaneouse trip to the cape

11.June 2010 - Cape Leveque

G'day :-)

Andi, a friend of Tanja sent us a textmessage "I would like to go to the Cape Leveque if you guys would like to join me and share the fuel and food costs". Yay so the next day Tanja ane me (Tanja moved into my tent) got pick up and the Trip started. We camped one night on the way, had a beautiful sunset and campfire and the next morning we drove up to the cape. It's really just for a 4WD possible to get there. And the Cape is absolutely amazing! I would love to go back there and spend a week camping holidays. I went snorkling and the water was like in a Aquarium! It was so clear and warm, the sand so white and the fish so colourful!!!!! the best time I went snorkling in Australia. One of the most beautiful beaches i have seen (next to cape Tribulation and Whitehaven beach). It's really worth it to go there!