the end of our trip

02.May 2009 - Cairns

hello again!

maybe this will be the last story in our blog...

three months are already over - time pass really fast.

We are in Cairns and still try to sell our van.
The last days we stayed at nice places around Cairns. The beaches are very nive, white sand + palms...) but because of the stinger-season you are only allowed to swim in protected areas. We havent seen a crocodile yet - we`ve only eaten a good restaurant at Mission beach. Mission beach was one of our favourites places!

We hope tomorrow we can drive up north to the cape tribulation. At Monday evening we will eat the last cans and drink the rest of our warm white wine...
our flight is at thuesday 1pm.

And then we are looking forward to see you!

lot of greetings!
birte and micha