Paris weekend

24.May 2011 - UK

Everybody knows or has heard about Paris, the capital city of France. Being the largest and most romantic city in France, it is best known for entertainment, media and fashion and is a popular tourist destination. The fabulous sights of world-renowned monuments, museums, art galleries and cathedrals are major tourist attractions. If you?ve visited Paris once then you?d definitely want to explore more of this romantic, cultural and entertaining dynamic city.

The weather makes Paris weekend more comfortable since it is nothing short of spectacular since it experiences the four seasons; summer, autumn, winter and spring. Each season comes with its own characteristics that are not harsh to the residents and the visitors. If you happen to visit Paris during the autumn season you will understand why it is considered the most romantic time to be here. The days getting cooler and shorter create the seductive atmosphere. Every Paris lover has their own favorite season but it is best if you visit the city at different times of the year so that you get a taste of each season.

You wouldn?t want to finish your stay here without having visited the Eiffel tower. It is the tallest building in Paris and it is France?s global icon. This puddle iron lattice tower is located on the Champ de Mars. You might also want to know the history behind this tower while you?re there because the sight is breathtaking. The bright lights and the great view of everything in the Eiffel tower creates a romantic atmosphere giving it more reason as to why Paris is called the city of love.

Why would anyone not want to see the world?s largest museum, The Louvre! It has the world?s greatest collections of art from paintings, drawings and even sculptures. This is where the famous Leonardo da Vinci?s painting of the Monalisa is. Being lucky enough to visit Paris then you should consider making a stop at this museum with all its unique collections of Rome, Egypt and even art by Islam?s. The size of The Louvre is overwhelming so you?d end up going there more than twice just for you to see all the attractions.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is the grand Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris and is endowed with spectacular features make sure you go all the way up to the roof in the cathedral to see great views of Paris. The history of Notre dame is fascinating and this cathedral is a must-see.
A visit to Paris weekend creates a great exhibition opening to anybody who has had the chance to be there and it is not possible to see everything in a day not even over a whole weekend or month. Paris weekends are the definite choice for your holiday break.

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