28.October 2009 - Vienna

Well the final stop of this round Europe tour for the last 4 weeks was Vienna, capital of Austria. I literally only had one day there as my train on the previous day was a full 3 hours late from Verona, which meant i didnt even get to the city until about 7pm.

Luckily it seems i wasnt missing out on much. Vienna has the reputation of being quite a beautiful city, but if there was a word i would use to describe it it would be 'grey'. Literally EVERYTHING is grey or white, which means that on an overcast day (like i had) everything seems incredibly bland. There were still some nice highlights (Schonbrunn Palace in particular was quite impressive), but generally it was a lesser version of a typical European city i think (perhaps i am growing tired of that now). Even the surroundings on the waterway were quite ugly (old apartment buildings everywhere) which i found quite surprising. Oh well, i know now, and it WAS only a day!!

In any case, back to Munich now for 2 days, before i fly to Helsinki on Saturday.