Getting ready for the 2014 season

20.March 2014 - Spijkenisse

MINERVA is still were we left her in October. Soon to be named HAPPINEZ and made ready for the trip to the new berth in de Rosslag near Roermond. This means sailing up the Maas or taking a shortcut through the canal, depending on the weather and the state of the Maas. If there is too much current we will opt for the canal. It isn't the nicest route, but for two beginners probably the safest. The trip should take about five days taking it easy.
The boat needed a thorough scrubbing to remove the winter grime. The winter persenning is replaced by the lighter summer one. Matresses are in and are nace and comfy.
The trip to Roermond will offically comence on the 19th of April. We picked that date because the harbourmeister gave us until then to remove our boat.
So on the 17th we return to Spijkenisse to re-christen our ship MS HAPPINEZ