Just here

28.December 2008 - Sydney

Arrived at half 7am without a fuckin clue had nothin but the want ta be here!!! lol.
Being nearly new year it was a struggle to get a hostel niver mind a hotel.Biggest fright was still ta come wen a went into a bar for a light refreshment n the girl behind the bar hit me for $16 n that was for 2 scooners not even pints!! thata when reality hits!! Scotland is good for something!!!
First night it was a hotel in the city, then it was ta the hostel.
To be honnest it wasnt to bad but on the other hand it didnt matter cause it was all we could fuckin get!! heh heh. and even at that it was only for 2 nights as it was fully booked.Eventually we got a hotel which had a pool so that was us sorted and could relax a wee bit even went to Bondi Beach that is a place a could get used to.That was short lived cauz Eadie got a flight up from melbourne to spend the new year with us there and for the next 3-4 days was drowned in goon(super cheap wine) n beer.It was the 7 til late show at the pool for a few days dnt remember how many but it was a the 1st a jan we squared ourself up and went ta the city ta see a bit ie. the harbour bridge n all the shit u have to do(ave pictures sumwhere)!
Got flights booked on 3rd then it was Melbourne after that.
Bye for now sydney!!!!!!