Our exchange in Italy

08.May 2013 - Bergamo

April 8-12 I was in Italy, in the city of Bergamo. I fell in love with this country! All days passed like a moment, I had a really great time. First day we were in Same Trattori, it is a tractors factory. There we saw the whole tractors production process. After that we had lunch and tour of the Old Town. I learned a lot about history of Bergamo. For me the most memorable day was wednesday, april 10th, when we were in Milan. In the morning we were representing our mini-companies at Nokia center. After presentations we had some free time in Milan city center. This city is really beautiful and magnificient. Thursday all day we passed at Orio Center. In the morning was fair, where we were selling our products and after that we had some time to buy souvenirs. In Italy I met a lot of wonderful people. I think this is one of the most amazing things about this exchange week. My host Annachiara is really friendly. I am very thankful to her for such a warm welcome! Aiste