the wonderful part of ao no exorcist

10.October 2012 - denver

A little look carefully there is, The red rose of blue while just like morning girls had become the tender, But from the edge portion of coruscate goes out to center of erosion of the withered gray marks.

" Think about it, Choose to. "

In the negotiations will every so often have such a situation, Need to remain humble side in the head than has the legal right to make decisions on one side, May be born at charm ethnic banking institutions, Man is chosen in that strange, Like a courtship posture to make up drawback of the height advantage.

As evening fell, The terminator line around the chest.

The devil looks from the priest's finger away from the scarlet liquid dripping down palm on the land, And then evaporate. The young priest's hand is not tender, But for months and years go by. Exercise and engrossed in calluses on the back of the hand, By fights or accident which left some can not repair small scars -- demon liekai the mouth area, As the hands are the devil wanted.

Blue initiates from, Under dad's hands blooming.

Lion Lang took the silent in phosphorus rotator cuff petals, The responsibility of gently knead it, Light ink is earlier from a pink flower ooze out.


My my father.

Also with some nose phosphorus observing Lion Lang move, Indissolubles ground level side head.

" fine, Go over there and my dad go. "

Handled phosphorus head, Lion Lang pointed is located not far away in the hills conversely of. Phosphorus playing nodded, Strode was less cured pace trot away.

" Very perfectly, On occasion to like to relax, Hiya guess what "

Afterwards was later known as the " Black night time" Desperate night and two people because they meet, Lang's the lion heart is with the hands of a clock ticking ticking away tens of countless times, But never with all the lion man behind Lang pace, He used to be hiding in the shadows, Then that's not changed. Not care to grin, Compared, The lion man can only hold gradually from the adults body stumbled in the dark world with dim light of a candle to go on. I'm afraid to put away such view, Side make a mockery of what human fretfulness and the devil 's interest in it.