Mills end park smallest and most beautiful park of the world

07.April 2009 - portland

Everyone in this world loved with rose because rose have so many importance in the life of everyone. If a city of roses would be in this world then everyone like to go that destination. In this world there is destination which is known as ?roses of city? and this city is named as Portland which is situated in United States of Oregon. This city draws many visitors for its destinations, sightseeing, nightlife, and accommodation listing also. Recently I visited this city for enjoying my life and seeing this rose city. By visiting I came to know about this city and a history museum also gives me deep information about this city. This city is situated at the meetings of Willamette and Columbia rivers. I went to this by air in the month of February. This city has good connectivity by air, road, and train. For staying in this city, I reserved my portland hotels which was containing with all the amenities. I went to this city for a week. I reserved this hotel from a travel site which I found with the help of cheap hotels in portland by searching on net. My flight dropped me on international airport from where my hotel was situated at a few distance. After leaving the airport, I like to take bus service to catch my hotel. A traveler suggests me to take this service that was also reserved this same hotel. As this was the first day of my trip so this day nothing remained for this day to which I can do. The remaining was only that exploring this city and taking some rest. While going to hotel, I saw many skylines which were very nice and looking very attractive. Going on the way, we became good friends and that was come here for business purpose. As I reached to my hotel, I feel very excited because it was very nice and containing all those facilities to which I can not expect. So, this day I take enjoy the facilities of my hotel and went to market for knowing about this city and taking some snacks also. That guy who came with me from airport also suggests me about the attractions of this city. This day, I take my dinner from a restaurant which was very nice containing with all varieties of foods. After taking dinner, I went to hotel and get some talked with that guy and went to bed for sleeping with a lot of excitement and happiness in eyes. On the second day, I get up early in the morning and take refreshment. After taking refreshment I take my breakfast and went for the attractions of this city. This day first of all I went to forest park which was the most famous attraction and I explore this destination by public transport service. In this park, I found so many adventurous like biking, hiking, and more. These adventurous were very nice and I take enjoy of hiking. Near this park, Oregon historic museum was situated which was telling the nice history of this city with the help of exhibits and stalls also. After seeing this museum I also saw the art museum which was containing with a lot of wonderful collections of art. At this museum, I made some pictures. In night, I take dinner in my hotel?s restaurant and went to my room. While entering to room, I again meet with that guy and asked me which attractions you see today. That guy also told me if you like cycling then you can explore this city by cycling. After a long talk, both of us went to our rooms and sleep well. On the third day of my trip, I went to rhododendron garden and Chinese classical garden which were most famous attractions and these gardens containing with large varieties of roses and plants. Chinese classical garden was very beautiful in the heart to Chinatown with a lot of attractions. At this garden, I take enjoy of swimming and boating also. I also get relax at this place. After seeing these places, I went to see the mill ends park which was the smallest park in Portland and being a smallest park this destination was more beautiful. After seeing such beautiful place I feel very excited and get the best experiences of life. At the time of late evening, I visit the markets of this city and take some good things. At the time of late night, I reached to my hotel and take dinner and went to bed. On the fourth day, I went to water Front Park where a lot of water adventurous was there like fishing, boating, swimming, kayaking, and more. This water park gives me best memorable moments of my life. After seeing this park, I move to Oregon zoo which was very large containing with different species of birds and animal which are from every corners of the world. After seeing zoo, I reached to my hotel and take dinner. At dinner, I met with that and told me all about my trip. That guy also said to me if ready for cycling then you can walk with me. I also agreed and went to my room. On the fifth day, both of us take cycle on rent and explore this city and it was the most famous adventurous. While going to cycling I found many travelers who also exploring this city. By exploring this city, we found many destinations like science museums, Washington Park, zoo, and many more attractions also. I like this adventurous and give a great thanks to that guy for giving this best moments of my life. This day we also take our lunch together. This day, we also enjoyed the nightlife of this city. On last day, I went to market for shopping and take some good things. At the time of evening I checked out my discount hotels with nice memories and returned back to home which I got from this city. I also give a promise to this that I also visit this city once again.