Enjoy Baltimore inner harbor by duck tour

27.April 2009 - baltimore

Drive over the Baltimore which is an independent city in the united states of Maryland. This city is situated in the central of Maryland with major tourist destination. I went to this city for five which were very interesting. For staying in this city, I reserved my cheap hotels in baltimore by searching on net. In this city, no need to take other Baltimore hotels in this city because I already choose a hotel from where I can get all the destinations easily. I went to this city by air on 20th Oct 2008. First day I reached to this city and this day I take information about this city. This day I leave my flight on international airport which was situated outside from this city and I get this city by rail. After getting to my hotel, I take some rest; enjoy the facilities of my hotel move around the hotel to know about the attractions of this city. This day I know about history, districts, and destinations of this city. After getting much information about this city I planned to visit this city independent. For giving this information, people of this city, and a travel guide book helped me very much. First day of my trip was totally spent in traveling and taking information about this city even I did not see any destination. But to know about the history and about this city was also an adventurous to which them I take enjoy. On the second day of my trip, I drive to fells point and midtown where first of all I went to Jewish museum which I got by trolley and this museum was very nice. This museum was looking like a church and after getting this museum I take a guided tour which showed me Lloyd Street which was the third oldest street in USA where I see many temples and then go to downstairs. This guided tour was the temple tour to which I enjoyed and in temples I made my wishes in front of god. After this I take self guided tour by which I showed art museum which has remarkable beautiful galleries with entertaining arts. These destinations covered my full day of trip and came back to hotel. On the third day of my trip, I went to inner harbor which was an entertainment region with several articles and sightseeing. At this inner harbor I drive to Maryland science center which was showing great science exhibition and many science activities were there which was for the kids of all ages. After seeing this museum I drive over to national aquarium where I see many forest exhibits and meet with marine scientist who came here. This day I take duck tour also which was very nice and this duck tour visit around inner harbor and showed many destinations like art museum, top of the world, and railroad museum. This day I also enjoyed the nightlife of this city and after enjoying the nightlife and came back to my cheap hotel room for sleeping with great enjoyment. On the fourth day of trip, I drive to west of this city where I saw Maryland zoo and hill park which were very nice exhibition, relax, and activities. In the west of Baltimore I saw an entertainment museum which was amazing with pop culture and then drive over to Edgar Allan Poe house which have normal admission fees and it was so nice. This day I went to music club where night party was organize to which I was invited on the behalf of my hotel. In this part, a famous singer was coming here who enjoy this party and this night party also enjoy the nightlife of this city. In this club I take my dinner and returned back to my discount hotels for sleeping with some memories of this party. On the fifth day of my trip, I went to visitor center from where I came to know almost I have covered all the attractions so this day I like to do shopping and while shopping I meet up with a park which was very nice. At the time evening I leave this city with some memories to which them I got form this city and fly to hometown.