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Once upon a time...

09.September 2009 - sydney

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to discover the world. Not really the world, but at least the most seperated part of it. The journey began and she arrived in the country of her choice. A country at the end of the world, called the red continent, or down under, but for her it was just AUSTRALIA. She was eager to discover that for her new continent but she could not quiet do it. There were other things more important to get right in place before she could explore the country. Those things turned out to be less a burden than she thought. Studying actually resulted in fun to her. It was of course not just the studies that kept her busy, she got to know new people from all parts of the world, learning about their culture and making new friends.
It turned out that she could hardly leave those new friends when it come to traveling around. Saying good bye was harder than she expected.
On the other side, a whole new world opened once she was out of the city. Red sand everywhere, Kangoroos crossing the streets, gorges full of water, isolation and seperation from any civilazation.
Going further east the countries surface changed again. Everything green, full of trees, Koalas sitting in trees, rivers crossing the streets. This part so different from the west but still as beautiful.

Now, everything has to come to an end. A lot has changed but finally it's time to go home.
Until we meet again!