MIT and Malaysian

07.November 2010 - Boston, MA

Lets do Pauly Jersey Shore says: Oh yeah, Cambridge yeah!
Then do my say: Oh yeah, I pass RMV computer test yeah!
Thus, clap our hand and says: Oh yeah, we have awesome week yeah!
Yeay yeay! Back to main topic.

I went to Next House MIT and meet Malaysian students mostly studying at MIT and some at Harvard too. Its good to know whats going on back home even its not necessarily to know that Najib Tun Razak had chicken pox and Singapore 2nd lady is pretty that the 1st but yeah who knows it could be more than useful info for me someday. Duhhahaha!
These kids are just somefink you know. It scares to know kind of courses theyre taking like maths, science, engineering, science, substance environmental (again, science) studies and top of that, theyre all younger than me but soon graduating in Master Degree and Phd. WTH. My brain feels like to shut down all my body system!
Anyhow, Im so proud of them. If they have House Bunny and provide job as house mother for a sorority, I absolutely 100 percento accept it! We need more Yoga and badminton in this world

Have a good night pal :D