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We are back in Graz!

30.April 2010 - Graz

Dear friends,
we are savely back in Graz after a journey that lasted 2 days from Hong Kong. Thank god! Graz welcomed us with summerly weather, featuring 28 degrees!
We are still a little bit jetlaged, but we feel extremly well - the last 3 months have been truely amazing and have left us very fullfilled and content. All the stunning landscapes, special animals and great tours have given us memories for a lifetime. We hope we can keep the relaxed and happy feeling for as long as possible, maybe forever...

Thanks to each of you for contributing to the blog with your lovely messages - it was very rewarding for us to see how many of you were interested and participated actively in our journey. Thanks so much!!

Please remember you are all very welcome to come to Graz if you feel like escaping. It would be a pleasure to take you round!

Katrin & Stefan