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Easy to Know your PC Configuration

12.October 2011 - Shanghai

The friends who assembled computers by themselves must be familiar with the computer configurations, but the newbies may still do not understand systematically the configurations of their computers. This article will provide the most basic PC configurations judgments knowledge for the novice friends.

A) If you have already bought a computer and want to know the computer configurations, you can see the computer hardware to determine the parameters.

First, we should enter our computer hardware management - the parameters and models of computer hardware can be seen in the management of computer equipment. According to these parameters you can know how your computer configured does. It can do as follows:

1, right-click "My Computer" - Properties (open System Properties) ? Choose "Device Manager" under the "Hardware" option, which is the configuration of the entire computer, as the following chart.

View the computer configuration in the computer equipment management

We can click on the "+" beside the name of the hardware sign to expand to see details of computer hardware parameters, which are the detailed computer configuration parameters.

In fact, we have the right to enter the "My Computer" ? "Properties" where you can see some of the most important computer hardware CPU and memory parameters, as shown:

To see the processor and memory configurations in "My Computer ? Properties"
We can see the computer's operating system and processor type and clock speed.

The higher clock speed, the more general configuration of a good processor, 1.69Ghz processor is low configured, because it is a relatively old computer, it has only 512MB memory.

So how do you know how about your own hardware? This requires you have some knowledge of the hardware. The computer novices can Google the above parameters to search the results.

We can refer to some of the current information:
Computer configuration generally refers to high-end computer hardware accessories extent, cost, etc., the good or bad of the computer's performance depends mainly on the following components:

(1) CPU: the decision of process speed, such as Intel Pentium Dual-Core
Eg: E6300 (box) 2.8GHz, which "2.8G" refers to its computational speed, but here the unit "G" was not the same with the hard "G". CPU's "G" is "GHZ", is the frequency, i.e, it is 2.8G of the computer operations per second configuration.

(2) Motherboard: determine the speed and stability. Due to the difference of the motherboard chips, motherboard can be divided into many types, the latest chipsets has the following types: Intel H55 | AMD 880G | AMD 785G| Intel P55 | AMD 790GX, according to board connectors: LGA 775 | LGA 1366 | LGA 1156 | Socket AM2/AM2 + |Socket AM3, etc.

(3) Hard Disk: the decision of the speed and size of stored data, such as Seagate 500GB 7200.12; 16M (Serial / casual) ST3, 500G is the size, 7200 is rotate speed. The rotate speed decides the reading and storage data speed. The 16M is the hard drive cache, it also determines the speed.

(4) Graphics card: it decides the good or bad of the screen display shows and the speed. Its performance index related to the memory and the median. Such as the so called "dual 256", means the graphics memory and bandwidth are 256 bits.

(5) RAM: RAM is very important for the operating system. As more and more software is consuming resources, generally, we need to configure more than 2G of RAM in the computer. For the Windows XP operating system, 1G of RAM is good enough; but the new win7 users, at least 2G RAM are needed.

We could know the computer properties and the hardware according to the parameters, but there is one more aspect that we should know is the computer software, particularly the computer drivers, such as the motherboard drivers, audio drivers, ect,. These drivers are the decisions to make the hardware work better. Generally, we could download some special software, such as driver detective or driver robot, to check what the performances of the drivers are.