13.December 2010 - Melbourne

As we were waiting on the plane to taxi to the runway the captain joyfully announced we had a flight time of 12,5 hours before us. He was probably trying to inspire sheer terror as I gathered from my fellow passengers' expressions, but this was heaven to me. Twelve hours in the air, what a dream.

I have to compliment VAustralia on a great flight. The cabin crew were fantastic and the seats spacious and comfortable.

The flight was filled with elderly Afrikaans speaking people who, presumably, were all headed to Oz or NZ to visit their children or relatives. Sitting next to me were to people, coincidentally also Janse van Vuren, who were on their way to Auckland to see their children for Christmas.

As we were 38 000ft somewhere above the Indian Ocean, the captain advised us to fasten our seatbelts for some "light" turbulence. "Nothing to worry about." This was not a fun time for Mrs. Janse van Vuren, who clutched her husband's arm so hard, I thought it might come off.

We descended into a rain drenched Melbourne and I coudn't wait for my adventure to begin.