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Holidays With Fun And Adventure In Boston And Atlantic City

09.September 2009 - Boston

Last holidays, I spend my holidays with friends at two most famous destination of United States. These destinations are Boston, MA and Atlantic City, NJ. How we got these cities, trip planning was very strange because all planning were making with in seconds of moments. But this trip also gives a life experience. All of us were very excited and we also enjoyed a lot. We travel this trip by all sources of transportations like air, bus, rail, and by own convenience. First of all we went to Boston city by air. To get Boston city we leave our hometown by own convene to airport.
When we fly to Boston city by air then skyline welcome to us and they were twinkling with colorful lights. By getting this city first of all we decide to go our Boston hotels to which we booked by finding hotels in boston with easy and smart options. We give five days to this city for enjoying holidays.
First day, we went to visitor center to know about destinations and hire a taxi to explore this city. But this day we see only art, history, & science museum with state park. This day we also enjoyed nightlife of this city.
Second day, we spend over china town where Asian foods and china town were greatest symbol. This day we also enjoy duck tour and historical sites at Charlestown. All the attractions were very nice.
Third day, we went to see animal shows like shamu at New England aquarium and mapparium. This day was Independence Day in Boston and we also celebrate it. After celebrating it we went to see Mit museum, Gardner museum, and Harvard museum of natural history.
Fourth day, we went to Boston common and public garden which was the interesting sight of this city. Attractions of this park were swan boats, greenery, fountains, shady trees, and historical sights. At this park we spend our full day at this park.
Fifth day we went for harbor island park that?s was the picnic hot spot for tourists. At this island we enjoy fishing and swimming. The next door Arnold arboretum was another peaceful place.
Sixth days we went to other destinations of this city community boating, freedom trail, Copley square, and science & history museums.
Seventh days, we take some rest and up to lunch time we leave our cheap hotels and continue our trip for next city Atlantic City in United States of New Jersey.
For getting Atlantic City we choose medium of road and the distance was of 350 miles which we cover within seven hours. Before sunset we reached there. With entry of Atlantic City we see the grateful view of this city which was showing by skylines. Before going there we don?t know more about this city but getting we came to know that like Las Vegas and Reno there is crime of gambling which makes it one of popular destination of New Jersey. Inside this city first of all we give our entry to markets and then our cheap hotels in Atlantic City which was booked already from a travel platform by choosing from a list of atlantic city hotels.
Next morning that?s was our first day in this city. This day we spent of beach with its activities and great weather. At beach we enjoy swimming, fishing, tanning, and surfing. For staying on beach we did not take any beach chair we stay only at it wet sand that?s was cool.
Second day we went for boardwalk that?s was at a very few walking distance from our hotel. The attractions of this boardwalk also were hotels, resorts, casinos, and shopping areas. A tourist guide told us this boardwalk is first boardwalk of world. Nearer to this we found a pier garden which was art and culture center of this city. At garden we found shows which were of very short duration and the main attraction point of this garden was fountains and music trees.
Third day we came again to boardwalk because all the attraction were located around it. This day we see historical museum, monopoly monument which was the famous park. Atlantic City shows was famous show which was full of entertainment. This day we also enjoy nightlife at boardwalk.
Fourth day we went to Atlantic aquarium which was known by ocean city life center. At this place we meet with so many adventures like swim with dolphins and shows.
By taking dinner we came back to our hotel for packing and leaving this city by air. While going to hotel we take a taxi with us. After reaching to hotel we full fill all formalities, packed luggage and came out for hotel to catch flight.
While going to home by air we give all time to behold all memories and came back to home with golden moments of life which we enjoyed together at both destinations.