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Me and my brothers journey begins on the 31 of december 2009 in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. But it didn`t start as planed: we were to tired to party because of the jetlag and overslept new years eve...embarrassing!!!

We spent our first two months in EF language school Brisbane. We were staying in the Uniresort (80 Tryon Street, 4122 Upper Mount Gravatt:-)in a 4 room appartements. Although we were no even staying in the same block, we spent every spare minute together (except during the night:-)

Because of our replacement test, we were both in the upper level (Intermediat and advanced) and had school in the afternoon. Wich actually sucked, but gave us a lot of time to party in the evening, cure our hangovers and and sleep late in the morning:-)

We met a lot of amazing but sometimes crazy people at school and in Uniresort. We had an awesome time: great partys, BBQs, friends and a wicked new lifestyle....Thanks everybody for these 2 months, we had the time of our lifes...big kiss!!!

p.s: for further explenations, please consult the pictures;-)]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/floui/31_12_09/EF_School_Brisbane/ http://www.mymapblog.com/floui/31_12_09/EF_School_Brisbane/