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myMapBlog.com | gitte https://www.mymapblog.com//rss/gitte The lasts posts from user gitte en-us Queenstown: Rueckflug

After two days of shopping, saying good bye and packing our baggage we flew back to Germany.]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/29_04_09/Rueckflug/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/29_04_09/Rueckflug/
Wanaka: Fahrt nach Wanaka
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/26_04_09/Fahrt_nach_Wanaka_/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/26_04_09/Fahrt_nach_Wanaka_/
Waiau: Franz Josef Gletscher
Abends gings dann noch zur Entspannung in die Hot Pools...


After we have seen so much water along the coasts we wanted to enjoy the frozen version as well. On Saturday we spend 6 hours in the ice having a guided tour...it was really great.

At night we relaxed in the Hot Pools in Waiau...]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/25_04_09/Franz_Josef_Gletscher/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/25_04_09/Franz_Josef_Gletscher/
Motueka: Abel Tasman http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/23_04_09/Abel_Tasman/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/23_04_09/Abel_Tasman/ Kaikoura: Sheepsharing and Seals http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/22_04_09/Sheepsharing_and_Seals/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/22_04_09/Sheepsharing_and_Seals/ Blenheim: Besuch Gabriella http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/22_04_09/Besuch_Gabriella/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/22_04_09/Besuch_Gabriella/ Akaroa: Akaroa und Chrischurch Gondeln http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/21_04_09/Akaroa_und_Chrischurch_Gondeln/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/21_04_09/Akaroa_und_Chrischurch_Gondeln/ Otago Peninsula: Kuestenstrasse und Albatrosse http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/20_04_09/Kuestenstrasse_und_Albatrosse/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/20_04_09/Kuestenstrasse_und_Albatrosse/ Christchurch: Christchurch http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/20_04_09/Christchurch/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/20_04_09/Christchurch/ southern route: on the road http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/19_04_09/on_the_road/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/19_04_09/on_the_road/ Catlins: Catlins http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/19_04_09/Catlins/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/19_04_09/Catlins/ Kaka Point: Kaka Point und Nugget Point http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/19_04_09/Kaka_Point_und_Nugget_Point/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/19_04_09/Kaka_Point_und_Nugget_Point/ MilfordSounds: Milford Sounds Mit gerademal 15 Leuten und 3 Crew-Mitgliedern an Bord war es eine sehr familiaere Tour mit Sonnenuntergang...

English Version:
Our trip to Milford Sounds was great! We have seen waterfalls, seelions and dolphins.
With 15 people on board it was very familiar and we could enjoyed the sund going down...]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/18_04_09/Milford_Sounds/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/18_04_09/Milford_Sounds/
Te Anau: Te Anau In Te Anau haben wir dann unsere Holiday Suit bezogen,sind am See entlang gelaufen und haben abends spannende Kocherlebnisse gehabt (davon daheim mehr...)

English Version
On Friday we walked up to the Gondolas,went shopping and drove to Te Anau, where we just moved in a holiday suit and did a short walk along the lake.]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/17_04_09/Te_Anau/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/17_04_09/Te_Anau/
Glenorchy: Glenorchy

On the second day I wanted to show Stefan Glenorchy. Unfortunately we couldn't find the first three tracks we wanted to do. Nevertheless it has been a nice trip.]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/16_04_09/Glenorchy/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/16_04_09/Glenorchy/
Queenstown: stefans ankunft

Stefan's arrival

At 2.30 in the evening Stefan arrived at the airport in Queenstown. I picked him up with our rent red car 'Zora' and brought him to our accomodiation. After a short shopping tour and an introduction in the HR team we went out for dinner and then to bed very earlz,-)]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/15_04_09/stefans_ankunft/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/15_04_09/stefans_ankunft/
Wanaka: puzzle world u. craft market
war ein schoen entspannter tag. vielen dank sarah u. svenja! ]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/12_04_09/puzzle_world_u~dot_craft_market/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/12_04_09/puzzle_world_u~dot_craft_market/
Queenstown: schaf fotoshooting
also hab ich die aussicht genossen, bald wieder umgedreht, schafte fotografiert, frisbee golf gespielt, den strand genossen und bin baden gegangen.

anlaesslich des 'good friday' hab ich mir fish & chips gegoennt;-)

on good friday I wanted to do a track. When I was running a week ago I saw a nice place near the shotoverriver. unfortunately the track ended soon and so I just took some pictures of sheep...
as my family normaly cooks fish on good friday I ate some fish and chips, enjoyed the sun at the lakefront, went playing frisbee golf and went swimming.]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/10_04_09/schaf_fotoshooting/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/10_04_09/schaf_fotoshooting/
Glenorchy: baden kaffee trinken abend essen
for Jess and Rachel:
In comparison to last week I had a really bussy sunday;-): after I've gone swimming with Vroni I met some friends at the lakefront to drink some coffey and in the evening I enjoyed Kiwi food cooked by Rachel (Thank you very much, Rachel!).]]>
http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/05_04_09/baden_kaffee_trinken_abend_essen/ http://www.mymapblog.com/gitte/05_04_09/baden_kaffee_trinken_abend_essen/